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Security Training in johannesburg Grade A Security Training

Book your security guard training license in South Africa get a PSIRA/ SASSETA license with mason security training school our academy has trained lots of security guards.  Join the South Africa’s largest team of qualified security graduates. Thousands of our customers have completed our security guard Training and gone on to secure and well-paying jobs as a security guards.

Upon successful completion of our courses you’ll be ready to apply for a security job with PSIRA/SASSETA License you will acquire and to work in South Africa as a security guard it’s a legal requirement to carry a legitimate PSIRA/SASSETA License before commencing your work in the South Africa security industry.

The Security Guard course runs for 5 days and is split into many units  that have to be completed . we also have self study programs that you can opt for if you have a busy work schedule.  Working within the Private Security Industry helps you get more skills in Working as a security guard and Conflict Management. On the ultimate day of the course there’ll be 3 multiple choice exams (one for each unit) designed to see your knowledge of the content taught during the course. You’ll either book online or manually.


When will I receive my PSIRA /SASSETA security guard certificate?

On completion of the security course your Certificates are dispatched Mail within one week if you choose the option of us mailing it to you.  You can choose to pick up your certificate from our office.


Our Security Guarding course is an accredited qualification which has been developed to satisfy the requirements of  PSIRA / SASSETA. It’s supported and relevant to PSIRA/SASSETA Specifications for Learning and Qualifications and provides the required skills and knowledge for those that wish to use for a PSIRA/SASSETA license and work as a security guard.

Maison Security Training is ideal training institution for anyone who wishes to work within the private security industry within South Africa.

With the safety guarding license, individuals can add all static premises, a couple of examples are: shopping malls, retail, construction sites, residential sites, schools, hospitals, banks, clubs, bars etc.

However security guard license holders cannot guard regulated entertainment venues or in premises that sell alcohol. For that you simply got to attend an Event Management security course.

Did you recognize that we’re among the sole training organization within the South Africa offering the best security guard training?  Resulting to the safety Guarding qualification?


What do I need to book a Security Guard training course?

You don’t need any knowledge or qualification to be eligible a security course.

 What kind of jobs am i able to get with this qualification?

The PSIRA/SASSETA Security Guarding qualification can be used to work in any non-licensed premises, these include schools, offices, business, and other remote sites.

 Am I able to apply for the course once am available for training?

Yes, you can! However, if the course gets fully booked, you’ll not be ready to attend it. Also, you’ll be required to pay the complete price for the course, and you’ll miss out on discounts. Hence, we strongly recommend booking and paying for the course beforehand for a guaranteed spot on the course at the simplest price.

 What documents do i need to bring with me on my course?

Candidates are required to supply two photographic identity documents; a minimum of 1 document must show your current address and a minimum of 1 document must show your date of birth; OR

One photographic identity document and two documents with their current address thereon. Please note that proof of addresses can’t be older than three months.




  • Signed valid passport of any nationality.
  • Driving license photo card.
  • South Africa certificate.
  • South Africa biometric residence permit.
  • Valid ID card
  • Current bank or savings and loan statement.
  • Letter from Customs or agency & H.M Revenue.
  • Current MasterCard statement.
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