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SASSETA Skills Level 1

Patrol Security Officer (Security)

SASSETA Skills Level 2

Access Control Officer (Security)

SASSETA Skills Level 3

Asset and Reaction Officer (Security)

SASSETA Skills Level 4

Security First Line Supervisor (Security)

SASSETA Skills Level 5

Security supervisor (Security)






National Key Point Security Guard Training

Security Officer Training


    Security Officer Training :NATIONAL KEY POINT-  The purpose of the national key point Security Guards Course  is to provide basic knowledge to security guards and know how to protect the national key point places mentioned  below according to the national key point act of 1980(act no. 102 0f 1980) that is a parliamentary act in South Africa.
    National key point places are places that required special access to access them and they include parliaments, chemical pants, nuclear plants, electrical dams among others. The minimum requirements of national key point is PSIRA Grade CNational Key point Training Security Officer Training | Security Training School |Security Training Academy

PSIRA GRADES Security Guard Training Courses.

Security Training School

Security Guard Training:  Security Officer Training – As we all know that our community and country’s safety lies in our hands, join us for the best standard security training courses because we are the leading trainers of security Guards in South Africa. Our security Guard Training courses are convenient to every one because we offer face to face study and self-study/long distance learning.

Below is the summary of our security guard training courses in our Security Training School :
We cover quite a number of different PSIRA Security Guard Training Grades which include;


  1. PSIRA Grade E Security Officer Training 

    Security Training School :- The main purpose of this Grade E Security Guards training course is to make sure that all the new training security guards are professionally introduced in private security industries. Reason being is that that they get to know what is expected from them with the concern of upholding law as security guards. This grade is completed within 5 days of training and learners are expected to address the challenges and responsibilities in various work places as it is required by a patrol officer.

  2. PSIRA Grade D Security Officer Training 

    Security Training School :- This Grade D Security Guards training course focuses more on the training of security guards and how they can conduct access control at entrance points and also to make sure that they understand and know how the 3 ‘D’ principles of physical security works. This course is completed within 5 days. Security guards are expected to address responsibilities of the nine modules of this Grade D course.

  3. PSIRA Grade C Security Officer Training 

    Security Training School :- The Grade C Security Guards training course ensures that security guards are able to protect civilian’s classified information and also know how to conduct Emergency situations in their presence in order to save the lives of their people in designated places. Security guards will also be able to assess risks and deal with them professionally. This course training is completed within 5 days.

  4. PSIRA Grade B Security Officer Training 

    Security Training School : – This Grade B Security Guards training course improves security guards to an advanced level of supervision. This course equips security guards with the knowledge on how to conduct on job training and supervision. It also equips them with the knowledge of hosting and lowering flags and handling of parade. This is a 5 day training course.

  5. PSIRA Grade A Security Officer Training 

    The Grade A Security Guards training course helps security guards on how to gather evidence during accidents on sites and how to manage them. Security guards benefit from this when they implement it professionally because it emphasizes the importance of their interaction on sites. These course evaluations and facilitation’s are based on PSIRA requirements.

Firearms competency Security Guard training Course

Security Training Academy

Security Training Academy: The completion of the fire arm competency training course and its related exam is only required for learners that wish to purchase a firearm in South Africa. This fire arm course provides instruction on how to transport, storare and display of non-restricted firearms and safe handling them.  Fire arm competency courses are displayed in 5 levels.

  1. The following are the firearm Competencies:- Security Training Academy

    Legal aspects
    Use of a Handgun
    Use of a Shotgun
    Use of a Rifle
    Use of a Carbine
    Apply Tactical Knowledge in the use of Firearms
    Demonstrate Tactical Proficiency with a Shotgun
    Demonstrate Tactical Proficiency with a Handgun
    Demonstrate Tactical Proficiency with a Rifle
    Firearm license training at our Security Training Academy
    The fire arm training course includes the Anti-hijacking, legal competency training, basic first aid, close-quarters combat and firearm license training including civilians and law enforcement up to tactical level.National Key point Training in Kimberly Security Officer Training | Security Training School |Security Training Academy

Security Training Academy

SASSETA Security Guard Training Courses.

Security Officer Training :-If you’re looking for the best security training courses join us for a best security guard Training course .We equip our learners with skills to enable them compete effectively in the security industry. Our security levels include:

  1. Level 1 Skills Program: SASSETA (E) Patrol Officer

    Unit Standard Description
    Explain the requirements of becoming a security provider
    Conducting of a security patrol in area of responsibility
    Applying of legal aspects in a security environment
    Use of legal aspects in a security environment
    Using of security equipment
    Handling of complaints and problems
    Performing hand over and taking over responsibilities
    Giving evidence in court
    Performing of basic fire fighting
    Carrying out basic first aid treatment in workplaces

  2. Level 2 SKILLS Program: SASSETA (D) Access Control Officer

Unit Standard Description
Conducting access and entrance control
Conducting evacuations and emergency drills
Identifying, handling and defusing security related conflict
Demonstrating knowledge of Firearms Control Act (2000)
Applying basic business ethics in the work environment
Writing/presenting/signing of texts for a range of communications
Operating a computer workstation in a business environment

  1. Level 3 SKILLS Program: SASSETA (C) Asset Protection Officer

    Unit Standard Description
    Coaching a team member in order to enhance individual performance in the work environment
    Describing on how to manage reactions arising from work conflicts
    Applying occupational health, safety and environmental aspects
    Outlining the legal environment of a selected environment
    Accommodating audience and content needs in oral
    Writing security reports and take statements
    Aim of Course
    This qualification is an entry-level qualification and recognizes the key competencies required of security personnel who are able to work in variety of security contents. This qualification will be for individuals who want to enter the security industry and develop competencies in standard security practices such as access and entrance control, security response and patrols, asset protection and visible security operations.
    Students will operate mainly in the security sector, within a range of contents, including mass, gatherings, businesses and homes, rural, urban and corporate. It will provide the student with the competencies needed to undertake a range of security related processes and practices at an entry level. The qualification will also help them enhance their career opportunities within the security environment.

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